Illinois Counties Take A Stand

This past Monday Night (4-22-19), I attended a Town Hall Meeting in my home county of Wayne, in Illinois.  These types of meetings have taken place all over the state in response to the proposed anti-gun legislation coming out of Springfield.  A large crowd of 250+ were in attendance at The New Beginnings Church in Fairfield, IL.  We were greeted by Pastor Cory Musgrave who opened the meeting in prayer and The Pledge Of Allegiance.  He then gave a short message about God and Country.

This event was sponsored by Illinois CarryMike and Valinda Rowe run the all volunteer group out of White County, IL.  They played a huge role in bringing Conceal Carry to Illinois.  They keep a 24 hour watch on all firearm related activities coming out of Springfield.  In addition to Mike and Valinda, State Representative Darrin Bailey from the 109th District and Senator Dale Righter from the 55th District also spoke.

Rep. Bailey, (Pictured Left), was recently elected last fall and has taken the “bull by the horns.”

His message is clear: We do not want Chicago politics here in Southern Illinois.  He is also co-sponsoring a bill that would remove Chicago from the state.  Bailey said as an AR-15 owner, he will never surrender or register it.  He has made it very clear that he is drawing a line in the sand and all this stops here.  Rep. Bailey said he believes we can win back Illinois, but it may get worse before it gets better.

Senator Righter reminded us that of all the proposed anti-gun bills, NONE of them have passed because of the pressure we (the people) have put on them, despite both houses having super majorities.  He told us that the Northern Politicians rarely answer phone calls with the 618 area code.  He gave us an update on the Gun Dealer Licensing Law that went into effect earlier this year.  This bill was passed last year and was never sent to former Governor Bruce Rauner. Through a questionable loop-hole, the bill was sent to newly sworn in Gov. Pritzker who signed it in his first week of office.  Senator Righter said that the State Police are in charge of implementing the rules of the new law and have really gotten no where with it. He made a promise to us that if an Assault Weapon ban would pass in Illinois that he would be our personal defense attorney if we were charged with a violation.

In addition to our Rep. Bailey and Senator Righter, Wayne County Sheriff Mike Everett, and State’s Attorney Kevin Kakac spoke at the event.  Sheriff Everett said the Sheriff’s Department was on our side and that no one in his department would be enforcing any of these proposed laws should they pass.  He promised us that his department would never go door-to-door seizing firearms.  State’s Attorney Kakac said that he has been in contact with many State’s Attorneys, and stated that his office will not be charging or prosecuting any violations should these proposed bills pass.  If you are a lawful person exercising your 2nd Amendment rights you are safe in Wayne County.  This was greeted by a standing ovation.

One concern in the Q&A portion of the night was, “What about the State Police?”  State’s Attorney Kakac answered that as long as you were in Wayne County you will be safe.  You may be arrested, but his office would not be filing charges.  He reminded us that this might result in loss of a firearm, but you would not be a felon.

Throughout the state many Counties have passed Gun Sanctuary proclamations. has published a map (used by permission) showing the status of the counties in Illinois.  Since the time of this map several more counties have been included in the Will Not Prosecute status.

Some other topics that night were the progressive tax plan, abortion, $15 minimum wage, and marijuana, but the meeting was primarily on firearms.

Coming out of this meeting, I have great confidence in our elected leaders.  They are standing with the people.  It is time to wake up Illinois and take our great state back.  If you are an Illinois resident I strongly recommend you attend one of these events.  The next one is scheduled for Monday April 29 in Olney, IL (Richland County).

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@peepso_user_1(Loads of Bacon )
It’s always great to see elected officials that represent the needs and desires of their constituents rather than those of a couple of well financed self-serving donors or special interest groups.
It’s the same here too Josh.
5 years ago
None of these counties in green will enforce the safe act.
5 years ago