Filter What is Displayed in the Activity Stream

The posts that are shown in the Recent Activity stream may be filtered with the push of a button.

1. At the top of the activity screen, just below where you may enter a new post, are a couple of buttons.  The first enables you to filter the recent activity stream to view posts by the entire community, or to restrict the posts viewed to only those from the members and groups that you are following.

  • Following – all posts from:
    • Your ‘Friends’:
      • posted to their own profile (with a privacy setting other than “Only Me”)
      • posted in public groups, regardless of whether or not your are joined to the group
    • Your Groups:
      • anyone that is joined to the group
  • Community – all posts that are shown in “Following”, plus all posts from:
    • All site members (non-‘Friend’ or ‘Following’), posted to their own profile’s (with a privacy setting other than “Friends Only” and “Only Me”)
    • All “Open” groups


2. The second button determines whether or not your own posts are shown in the recent activity stream.


3. The third button enables a search through all content that you are able to view (based on the privacy settings of individual the posts).