You may configure the types of notifications you receive for specific events.

1. To configure your notifications, navigate to your user profile page, and then select the “About” link, and then the “Notifications” tab:



2. Under the heading “Email Digest” is a toggle option to “Receive Digest Email notifications”.

“Digest Email notifications” are emails that are sent to users that have been inactive (don’t visit the site) for a few days.  They are emailed on Sunday mornings and will contain a summary of some of the recent activity that has been missed in recent days.


3. There are several specific events that can generate notifications.  Each is listed individually with the option to turn on or off both email and on-site notifications for each.


4. There are two different notification types than can be turned on or off.  The first is “Email”; these notifications will be delivered to your email inbox as individual emails.

The second is “On-Site”.  These notifications show up in the site’s menu.

The red box with the white “1” in this picture, next to the globe, represents an unread notification from something other than Messages or a Friend Request:

The red box with the white “1” in this picture, next to the envelope, represents an unread Message notification:

A new friend request notification would appear on the multi-person icon.


5. The last section of the “Notifications” tab, “Group subscriptions”, will enable you to adjust the notification options for each specific group that you are joined to.  The notification options for specific groups may also be configured on each group page.  See the section below titled “Groups”.


6. You are encouraged to adjust each of the notifications according to your individual preferences, but here is a one suggested, example configuration: