Write a New Post

Writing a new post is fairly simple, but there are several options to be aware of.

1. There is a text box at the top of the Recent Activity page that, by default, states, “Say what is on your mind…”.  You may type the text of your new post in this box.  Under this text box are buttons to configure the options.


2. Post Type.  The first button is used to set the post type.  The options are ‘Text’, ‘Photo’, ‘Video’, and ‘Poll’.


2.a. Post Type – Text.  This type of post is used for sharing text.  It may also include links (URLs).

Text areas support a formatting type known as Markdown. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats (Wikipedia)

Some examples:

**bold text** for bold text
*italic text* or _italic text_ for italic text
`inline code` for inline code
~~strikethrough~~ for strikethrough
[link](https://thereloadersnetwork.com) for link


2.b. Post Type – Photo.  This type of post is used for sharing pictures.  You may share a single photo or multiple photos in the same post.

Choosing the “Photo” post type will bring result in this view.  Click on the screen where it says, “Click here”:

Note that you may upload and share more than one photo in the same post.  Also, note that you may include a text note with the photo(s) by typing where it says, “Say something about this photo…”:


2.c. Post Type – Video.  Video may not be uploaded to or stored on the Headspace site, but videos from other sites may be shared in your posts.  The “Video” post type may be used to share videos from some of the more popular video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

To share the video, enter the link in the box stating, “Enter video URL here”, and then enter any text, description, or discussion under that box where it states, “Say what is on your mind…”:

(Note: any video hosting site that doesn’t work with the “Video” post type can still be shared using the URL in the “Text” post type.)


2.d. Post Type – Poll. You may conduct a poll by using the “Poll” post type.


3. Privacy.  The second button is used to set the post privacy.  The options are ‘Public’, ‘Site Members’, ‘Friends Only’, and ‘Only Me’.

  • Public – any person on the Internet is able to view your post
  • Site Members – any person with a Headspace account that is logged in is able to view your post
  • Friends Only – only those Headspace users that are your “friends” will be able to view your post
  • Only Me – you’re talking to yourself

The privacy of each post may be adjusted later.


4. Post to.  The third button may used to specify where the new post is posted to.  The options are ‘My profile’ and ‘A group’.

Posts to “My profile” will be visible (as determined by the post’s privacy settings):

  • to those users viewing the “Community” Activity Stream
  • to those viewers viewing the “Following” Activity Stream that are following you (i.e. “Friends”)
  • to those viewers that are viewing your profile
  • to viewers that conduct a search that includes items in your post

**see “Filter What is Displayed in the Activity Stream” below

Choosing “A group” will allow you to search for and choose a group that you are currently joined to.


5. Example of draft post.  This is a text post.  The privacy is set to “Only Me”.  It’s being shared to “My profile”.  And, I also shared my mood by clicking on the smiley face button.  All that’s left is to push the red and white “Post” button:


6. Edit or Delete post.  Once posted, a post may deleted or edited by using the little drop-down arrow in the upper right corner.  Pressing this arrow displays the options to “Edit Post” and “Delete Post”.


7. Change privacy settings. The privacy settings for each post may be updated by selecting the icon for the current setting and choosing the desired setting:


8. Other user’s profile. You may leave a message on another user’s profile by navigating to that profile and writing the post in the box that appears at the top of their “Stream”.  These posts can only be the “text” type, and the privacy options are ‘Public’, ‘Site Members’, and ‘Friends Only’.  Note that writing on another user’s profile stream is not the same as a private message – other users will be able to see the post.


9. Posting to a group. In addition to posting to a group using the “Post to” option (see #4 above), you may also post in a group by navigating to the specific group and writing the post in the box that appears at the top of the group stream.  These posts can be the ‘Text’, ‘Photo’, ‘Video’, or ‘Poll’ type.  The privacy will be whatever the overall privacy of the group is.