Tips for Getting Started on Headspace

Here’s the “short” version of how to get up and running here on Headspace:
– You won’t be able to see much of the “Community” stuff until you log in.
– Create an account and log in; (this is separate from any accounts on the main TRN site – you need to set up a new account)
– Upload your avatar/profile pic to your profile. You won’t be able to do much until this is done.
– Go to the “About” section of your profile. Update the info. Enter whatever you want. (You can change the visibility on most of the items as desired.)
– While you are in the “About” section, you’ll see 4 tabs: About, Preferences, Notifications, and Account. Make sure you also look through “Preferences, Notifications, and Account” and adjust as desired.
– The “Friends” tab lists your current friends. Having a “Friend” relationship with someone can be useful for determining what status updates and other content show up in the activity stream, who can send you private messages, etc. If you want to “Friend” someone’s account, go the site Members list ( or in the site menu as “Members” under “Community”), find your buddy, and push the appropriate button.
– Go to the list of Groups ( or in the site menu as “Groups” under “Community”). Join “Announcements”. Join any other interesting group you see. Make your own groups. Be a groupie.
– Go to the “Activity Stream”. ( or the little Home icon or in the site menu as “Activity” under “Community”). Here you will see a flow of information from all sorts of people and groups. Happy reading. If you want to filter this down to only what your friends are saying and what is posted in the groups you’ve joined, then push the “Community” button next to where is says “Show my posts” and change from “Community” to “Following”.
– There are more settings you can adjust, and more features you can use, but that should get you started for now.


About the author: Loads of Bacon TRN Author

Loads of Bacon enjoys bullet casting, reloading, hunting, and most other outdoors activities.  He began creating YouTube videos in 2017, and built The Reloaders Network in 2018.  You can find more information, links to all of his online content, and opportunities to support him if so desired on his Author Page.

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"You won't be able to see any of the "Community" stuff until you log in." That may be why there aren't many posters here. If they saw the pics on the initial page, they might be more likely to check it out.
5 years ago
This is a very good site.